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Founded by two successful loan officers, Larry Reyes & Staci Aguiar. Both having over 20 years in the mortgage industry, decided to partner together to bring more options & loan programs to the working class families.

Smart Home Mortgage is a top mortgage broker in California. We specialize in mortgages that can help you buy or refinance a home regardless of your unique circumstances.

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Smart Home Mortgage has helped hundrends of Americans achieve their dreams of homeownership and financial betterment. The wellbeing and improvement of our customers’ lives and the communities in which they live fuels our ambition. We’re driven by boundless stamina and an unwavering focus on continuous collaboration, relentlessly seeking the right solutions for every customer and loan every day. 

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Meet our Team

We believe that an inclusive culture binds us together, makes us stronger, and helps us connect to the customers we are honored to serve.



Larry Reyes
NMLS# 233573 | DRE# 1507079
Manager/Mortgage Loan Originator

Cell: 805-415-7631

Staci's Headshot.jpg

Staci Aguiar
NMLS# 290996 | DRE# 1270574
SR. Mortgage Loan Originator

Cell: 805-797-2523

Winston Headshot New.png

Winston Blauser

NMLS# 1686753 | DRE# 2051777

Mortgage Loan Originator


Cell: 805-760-3896

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Nicoles Headshot Round.png

Nicole Castillo
NMLS# 2090393
Loan Production Manager

Cell: 805-766-7677

Rene Headshot Round.png

Rene Enriquez

NMLS# 1907009 | DRE# 01940919

Mortgage Loan Originator

Cell: 661-565-4979


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Albert Headshot Round.png

Albert Najar

NMLS# 247805 | DRE# 01811715

Mortgage Loan Originator


Cell: 805-660-5816


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Vince Headshot Round.png

Vince Sorisio
NMLS# 379743 | DRE# 01136125
Mortgage Loan Originator

Cell: 805-340-0282

Choice #1.jpeg

Chris Clark
NMLS# 1530367 | DRE# 02035163
Mortgage Loan Originator

Cell: 805-826-3283

Robert Miliam
NMLS# 1973193
Loan Production Manager

Cell: 805-298-9757

Andy's Headshot Round.png
Noe Headshot.png

Andy Salazar
NMLS# 2003308 | DRE# 02143456
Mortgage Loan Originator

Cell: 805-236-8778

Noe Villanueva
NMLS# 2096187 | DRE# 01516818
Mortgage Loan Originator

Cell: 805-216-6969


Headshots-3 copy.jpg

Michael Lucero
Loan Production Coordinator
Office: 805-853-3030

Derek Headshot Round.png

Derek Contreras
Loan Officer Assistant

Office: 805-853-3030

Connie Headshot Round.png

Connie Salazar
Loan Officer Assistant

Office: 805-853-3030


Val Circle.png

Valerie Reyes
Accounting/ Human Resources

Office: 805-853-3030

Jeanette Headshot.jpg

Jeanette Lopez
Office Administrator

Office: 805-853-3030 EXT. 204



Andrew Cortez
Marketing Director

Office: 805-853-3030


letty card.jpg
Photo May 04, 8 26 22 PM.jpg
Photo May 04, 8 25 25 PM.jpg

Tommy Revelez
Loan Production Assistant

Cell: 805-512-0136
Office: 805-702-2020

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